10 Fitness Models You Might Want to Check out on Snapchat

2 years ago

10 Fitness Models You Might Want to Check out on Snapchat

Everybody knows what Snapchat is. Sometimes it’s pretty convenient to have a chat app that deletes a picture or video a few seconds after it’s viewed. That’s why more than 100 million people use Snapchat every day. This long list of users includes beauties with perfect bodies that share their workout tricks. Want to see gorgeous fit girls squatting and doing push-ups? Then check out our top-10.

Jen Selter (JenSelter88)

You might’ve already seen Jen. She’s kind of a celeb on social media thanks to the videos and snaps of her rear area mostly. Sure, she also has a lot of pics of her awesome abs, but who cares about them? Visit Jen’s Snapchat account to enjoy some sweet looks of her performing light exercises.

Anllela Sagra (anllela_sagra)

Anllela is a Colombian fitness model. When she turned 18, Sagra became a fitness girl, and by the age of 21, she became pretty successful on social media, where the number of her followers has reached a whopping 4 million. Her Snapchat account is a mix of workouts and daily activities.

Brittany Renner (Brittanyrennerr)

This cutie has forms that could make Jay Lo a little jealous. Naturally, Brittany didn’t get all this for free. Her body is a result of hard, painstaking work. Unlike the majority of ladies on our top-10, who rarely have something more than sporty underwear on them, Brittany loves fancy looks. Besides, her profile is full of selfies that show how sexy muscles can be.

Lauren Drain (LaurenDrainFit)

A cute, girlish face and a sexy, fit body – that’s how Lauren looks like. Apart from being a fitness model, she’s also a nurse. If you’re curious how she manages to carve out some time in her busy schedule to regularly please her fans with new snaps and videos, we have no answer for you because we don’t know.

Paige Hathaway (phfit)

Paige wasn’t an athlete when she started her account. A few years ago she was so thin that her muscles were hardly seen. Gradually, she found her way to the world of fitness. Her inspirational videos helped Paige gain thousands of followers. She became popular enough to attract the attention of a supplement brand that offered her sponsorship.

Bella Falconi (bella-Falconi)

The next hottie on our list is from Brazil. Bella loves giving her followers fitness tips and words of encouragement on Snapchat. In addition to that, she also shares her impressions from being a mom, as well as just snaps from her daily life.

Karina Bacchi (karina.bacchi)

There are a lot of beauties besides Bella Falconi in Brazil, and Karina is one of them. Her Snapchat account is for diehard fitness fans. In addition to inspirational words, she also shares healthy recipes. Feel free to message her and ask for fitness tips.

Gracyane Barbosa (ggraoficial)

Gracyane looks more like a bodybuilder than a fitness girl. Those hands, those legs, and that butt! Whether you like strong girls or not, one thing remains certain – Gracyane definitely attracts attention. Besides, if you like ladies doing squats, you should familiarize yourself with her Snapchat account.

Lyzabeth Lopez (LyzabethLopez)

This Canadian fitness girl creates unique and effective programs for achieving better results and posts bits of her workouts on Snapchat.

Yarishna Ayala (yarishna_ayala)

Yarishna is a Porto Rican cutie who entered the world of fitness as a dancer and won a few bodybuilding contests. The girl felt that she could achieve more, so she moved to the US. And it was the right decision, as she became the first Porto Rican girl who won the title of IFBB PRO Bikini Competitor. Just like most female athletes, Ayala emphasizes her lower part in her pictures.