4 Ways to Find Snap Usernames & Snap Friends

4 months ago

4 Ways to Find Snap Usernames & Snap Friends

Snapchat is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social media platforms of our time. It is a unique platform hosting a significant number of people attracted by the simple dynamics of the popular 24-hour content viewership window. Besides posting content to your public timeline, Snapchat allows you to send videos directly to your contacts, making communication even more secure. There are various reasons people use Snapchat. Perhaps the most popular reason is for entertainment, getting new friends and creating business connections. However, either of these reasons demands that you know some Snapchat usernames before getting started. But how do you find such names when you are new to the platform? Don't worry. We have prepared this article to show you the various ways you can use to find users and increase engagements.

Usernames are identifiers set the very first time you create your account. However, Snap is different from other social media platforms because it allows you to create a display name beside the username. Note that you can customize your snap display name while your username remains intact. One benefit of the account display name is that it gives you a level of privacy, and you do not have to reveal your true identity to everyone.


4 ways to find Snapchat usernames

Syncing your contacts

This is perhaps the best way to find people you already know. If you are using a mobile device to access Snapchat, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of looking up one of your friends. The Snapchat mobile app allows you to achieve this following easy steps. You will find a "Find friends on Snapchat" link on your profile page, which takes you through the contact syncing process. Once done, the app will show you a list of friends using Snapchat. What remains then is a click of the + button to add a name.


Using Snapchat search

Some people are paranoid about sharing their contacts with social media apps. Well, that's acceptable, and you should not be forced to sync unless you want. If that sounds like you, then there are better ways to find people on Snap. The Snapchat search feature (the search bar appearing on the top of the screen) allows you to find people, groups, publisher stories, and more. That means you can look up people on Snap if you know their names. 


Using a Snapchat username directory

Social media is becoming increasingly useful to millions of people in the world. With the increase in the number of people joining Snapchat, for instance, you can only accomplish so much using your contacts or the Snapchat search feature. This is where Snapdex comes to the scene. Snapdex is a directory for Snapchat users. You can find usernames from across the divide and add them to your following. The directory makes it easier for you to find people you are interested in but who may not necessarily be on your contact list.  


Scanning QR code

Sometimes it will happen in real-time. You meet someone new, and you want to keep contact without giving out your phone number or email address. If that's your case right now, then a snapcode should be your go-to option. Snapcode–a QR code unique for every Snap user–helps you quickly find other users without typing names or syncing your contacts. It is usually a yellow box with dots located on your profile page. The best thing about the Snapcode is that it can be shared as a screenshot or image and still work effectively.

Of all methods you can use to find and add Snapchat usernames, a directory gives you the widest reach. We would, therefore, recommend that you try Snapdex the next time you need to find someone.