Finding Snapchat Usernames of Celebrities

4 months ago

Finding Snapchat Usernames of Celebrities

Adding celebrities on Snapchat is usually an uphill climb for many people. Unlike adding people you already know, adding celebrities requires you do your homework. Furthermore, Snapchat does not recommend new people to follow depending on who you are connected with. This is a huge letdown to people coming from other social media apps like Twitter or Facebook, where following strangers and celebrities is so easy. So, is there a way to find and add celebrities on Snapchat?


Using Snapchat username directory

A Snapchat username directory is a website or app that lists thousands of Snapchat profiles, especially those of prominent people and celebs. With such a directory, you only need to know the celebrities you want to follow. Snapdex is one such directory that lists hundreds of celebrity profiles. With Snapdex, you do not need to know the exact snap ID of a user, knowing the name is enough. To put it simply, Snapdex is the number one search engine for Snapchat usernames. Besides listing celebrity profiles and giving you their Snapchat ID, Snapdex also gives you useful information about these personalities.


Finding celebrities using the Snapchat App

Yes, it is possible to add celebrities by their names on the snap app. However, you will need tricks since some accounts will not appear in the basic search results. So what do you do? We have three hacks that have proven useful in finding Snapchat usernames of celebrities using the app.  

#1. Add celebs using official stories

Snapchat is popularly known for the stories feature. However, even though people record stories the same way, there are stories you may not see unless connected to the owners. This is the reason many stories from celebrities do not always reach you. However, the stories feature can help you add your favorite stars in only a few seconds.

On Snapchat stories screen, swipe the screen towards the bottom. Next, type the word “official” hit enter. This tells Snapchat you only want to see stories from verified Snapchat usernames and organizations. The list of official stories may be a big one, and you do not need to follow everyone, or do you? Emojis can also be used in place of the word "official", but then different users have different emojis associated with them, and you would need to know each one. For instance, anyone looking to add DJ Khaled should use the key emoji. 

Additionally, you can type the name of the celebrity you are looking for, and you will be lucky if they have an account on Snap. As you have realized, using the "official trick " is much better than memorizing the emoji shortcuts or typing each person's full names.


#2. Tricking the add friends page

You can trick Snapchat’s add friends page by typing the word "official" as we did in the previous section. Note that you will only see 20 of the most recent stories posted by verified users. From the list of 20, and if luck is on your side, you won't miss one or two celebrities you can add. Any trick utilizing the "Official" trick is similar to using the Snapchat search feature but only for verified accounts.


#3. Camping on the live stories page

Have you posted a story yourself? If so, you may already know that stories will stay live for only 24 hours. And how about viewing stories posted by other people? Stories posted by verified Snapchat users will often have the official story label. The Snapchat usernames of the story owner will be displayed at the top of the screen where your profile usually appears. Tapping on the name of the story owner will display an overview of their profile, and you can then add them if interested.