Snapchat Dating: A Quick Guide for Men and Women

2 months ago

Snapchat Dating: A Quick Guide for Men and Women

Gone are those days when you could only date a woman/man from your circle of friends. Your family would introduce you to a pleasant man/woman and you would make peace with it. But, some people met on trains and buses. Some fell in love during Chemistry class. Maybe you met during the war and decided to become companions.

Well, dating had a different meaning several years ago. But, today, finding a date online is easy (as long as you are not cheesy).

Speaking of online dating, there are many dedicated applications. Some of them charge a fortune, but others are free of cost. Since the dating apps are charging a fortune, people are exploring IM apps such as KIK and other social apps like Snapchat and Tinder.

Speaking of Snapchat, you can find beautiful girls and boys to date. Here's a quick Snapchat Dating guide for all the men and women out there.

Is Snapchat Meant For Dating?


Snapchat is not a dating application, but it allows you to follow people closely. Let's say you have a major crush on a girl in your Spanish class. You can find her on Snapchat and send a request. By getting to know her, you can impress her with your cool videos and snaps.

There are flattering filters and cool lenses you can use to make the snaps alluring. Snapchat is primarily used for messaging purposes. You can send photographs to your friends, and even share videos. The filters and lenses make the application super interesting. Even oldies enjoy using the cool filters. So, to answer your question, Snapchat is not meant for dating. But, you CAN find a date and improve your chances with someone you like.

An Alluring Tool To Attract The Opposite Sex

Let's cut to the chase! Snapchat is a tool for you to attract the opposite sex. A lot of people watch stories of other people, and the opposite sex might fall in love with yours.

All you have to do is add interesting stories. But, that does not mean women/men will be able to spot your snaps. You can send requests to beautiful women/handsome hunks. How about replying to their stories and sending a direct snap?

These are some of the basic things you can do. But, we have a lot more tips for you. If you wish to attract the opposite sex, you can use the following tips:

  • Don't show off! We came across an article that mentioned 'women fall for men with money, so show off your wealth.' Well, for starters, that is a stereotypical thought. Not all women are after money. There are tons of wealthy men in this world but not everyone is hooked. You need to showcase your fun side - not the egoistic and proud side.
  • Upload pretty and fun pictures of you. Now, this applies to both men and women. Men are attracted to beauty (of course!). It does not make anyone shallow. We are all attracted to pretty things.
  • Be respectful. You can initiate conversations with any girl or boy, but don't be too straightforward. Not everyone wants a booty call. Some people are using Snapchat to upload pictures and have fun with the filters. So, send a compliment to the guy/girl, but be respectful and do not push them to talk to you.
  • If the opposite sex shows interest in you, it is time to shift to personal chats. We are sure you can handle this part!
Concluding Thoughts

Snapchat allows you to send requests to people near you. You can even add friends of your friends. Many people use Snapchat, and it is easy to find them there.

To attract the opposite sex, make sure you post regularly. Don't forget to showcase your wild, fun, and happy side.