SnapChat Spotlight: Get a Chance to Win $1 Million

2 months ago

SnapChat Spotlight: Get a Chance to Win $1 Million

Short videos have become a trend. As the world is progressing, nobody has the time and patience to watch long videos. That's precisely why Snap chat introduced 'Spotlight.' The concept is not new! Snap chat has taken inspiration from the famous Chinese application, TikTok.

Gen Z is completely enthralled by the idea of making videos and getting the attention of millions of people. Who doesn't like being famous? Who doesn't like to mingle and socialize?

Now, let's shift our focus to the newest feature - Spotlight. What is it? Is it any good? Let's find out through this quick post.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is nothing but another TikTok for Snap chat users. You can make 60-seconds videos through this feature.

We can't really say that the idea is 100% original. But, Snap chat is going to give tough competition to TikTok. Will users stop using TikTok and get hooked to Snap chat? Only time will tell, because the Spotlight feature has just entered the scene.

How Does The Spotlight Feature Work?

If you are an avid user of Snap chat, you would be well-aware of the 'discover' section. Instead of discover section, you will now find the spotlight section.

The format is quite similar to what you have on TikTok. There will be a scrolling method to see the videos of people.

How can you make a Spotlight video?

Making a Spotlight video on Snap chat is not rocket science. You can easily make the video using your Snap chat camera. Once you are done making the video, tap on the send option. You will find spotlight as one of the options.

Before your video goes live, Snap chat will showcase a disclaimer. To proceed, you have to tap on 'OKAY.'

Are There Any Monetary Benefits?

Absolutely! Snap chat users will get a chance to bag heaps of money. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for taking videos and pictures? Perhaps you dreamt about it, but Snap chat has made it possible.

But, you have to be exceptional at making videos. Use creative themes, lenses, gifs, and interesting filters to gather attention. Moreover, you need to be above 16 years old to be able to submit Spotlight videos and earn the whopping reward.

Now, the good news is that your video can help you earn $1 million a day. Well, that's accessible if your videos are entertaining. You can choose a particular niche, and entertain the people. Let's give you some cool ideas:

  • Create a cute/funny video with your pet dog/kitten.
  • Mushy couple videos always get extra brownie points.
  • How about uploading an adventurous video?
  • Showcase your talent via snaps. Sing a tough song, dance like a PRO, or make a quick cooking video.

There are so many ideas in our mind, but we are sure that you will do a better job. Snap chat is giving everyone a chance to win $1 million a day. It could be YOU!

Why Can't You See Spotlight Feature On Your App?

Considering this is the newest feature on Snap chat, you would need to update the application. Once you update the application, you will be able to see the Spotlight feature.

Final Verdict

Take full advantage of this opportunity. Even though TikTok is not accessible in some countries, Snap chat is still the youth's favourite social application.

You can use the Spotlight feature and win a million dollar bucks! So, go ahead and wear your creative hat.