Snapdex: The number 1 Unofficial Snapchat Username Search Engine

5 months ago

Snapdex: The number 1 Unofficial Snapchat Username Search Engine

Different social media applications are built under different constraints. Similarly, each platform operates under different policies and driving factors. With the policies come the restrictions of what and how you can do things. Are you a regular Snapchat user? If yes, you may already have experienced some level of difficulty trying to add people outside your contact list. Look! We just mentioned restrictions. At the very hour you need to add someone from outside your contact list, say a celebrity, Snapdex will be there to help.

Snapdex is the most popular Snapchat usernames search engine/finder. We are a platform by Snapchat users and for Snapchat users. The main objective is to make it easier for you to discover more people using Snapchat. In so doing, Snapdex goes out of the way to provide a searchable database of users filled with relevant data about each user. For every user, we list the Snapchat username, snapcode, several snaps from their timeline, and a list of other users who may interest you.

We are a community

To make it easier for everyone, Snapdex makes every effort to remain community-friendly. In fact, all the data you will find on the site is user generated. Yes, we have a submission page where anyone and everyone can add Snapchat account details to Snapdex. This ensures that the service remains free to everyone. Why take a community approach? We believe the community approach is the best way to offer our services since Snapdex is not affiliated with Snapchat. We have indicated this disclaimer on all the pages living on our website. We aim to be the go-to Snapchat directory for everyone looking to add celebrities and other interesting people to their circles.

From the first look

Snapdex aims to be the most user-friendly platform on the internet. As such, we are always improving the website to look and feel natural to all Snapchat users. From your first look on the website, these are some of the things you will see.


Featured users

The category of featured users brings you s list of hand-picked users that a dedicated team of reviewers thinks are interesting to a large group of people. However, Snapdex offers the section to users who want to increase their visibility. As such, you may communicate to us through our official communication channels to see if you can get a space. Note that space is not always available, and you will be required to pay a small facilitation fee.

Top-rated Snapchat users

The top-rated users section will display users who have an active Snapchat account and which has considerable engagements. Note that we also have other special metrics to help identify accounts that are doing well. You will notice that we have only a few or no celebrities in this section. This is because most of the celebrities are covered in the categories section that we will discuss below. The accounts in this section are basically defined by the quality content they provide.

Popular Snapchat usernames

This is the section where you will find your favorite musician, comedian, or artist. This is because these accounts have massive followings and hence interactions. The objective of having this section is to ensure everyone is considered, and no one is blocked unnecessarily.

New Snapchat usernames

This section brings you accounts that were added to our system in the last few days. We believe everyone deserves visibility and strife to give it to each one in equal measure.


The categories section is a typical menu for the various types of celebrities using Snapchat. Here is where you will find every piece of information about celebs on the internet.