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I f***** up at the age of 18!!!

To get straight to it I got a DUI at the gas station waiting patiently in my car for my friend to pick me up. Yeah I was there, it was my first time drinking and driving, & I was there so no excuse really mattered at that point. I  like to think it was meant to happen for a reason, but it still ruined me for a long time. It put me so far behind I dropped out of college & fell into deep depression. I was broke & felt like I was in it alone. I found work to get threw bills & court fees, etc...  Pretty much living check to check. Working in landscape I learned a lot like I do anywhere, because of my ability to quickly retain information. I will admit it was hell working out in the Florida heat, being yelled at by the elderly, and the racist remarks. How I managed to stay there as long as I did I will never know. Regardless I needed the money. Recently I quit my job, received an investment & now I am in my startup phase. I like to think I am learning quickly & diligently. All in all, I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur helping people threw their struggles & inspiring them to do great things. I'd like to continue growing my business,  adding people to complement my team, & learning marketing. Join me on my journey to success!

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MillionManGarcia's Snapchat username is @alex.garciaa.