General Description

I am a digital communications strategist, professional speaker and an authority on the topic of social business and online reputation with my work in this area going back ore than a decade.

You  can watch my weekly live show (it is probably the longest running weekly show on live streaming and social video in Europe) 'The Live Stream Insiders' on the topic  of live video where I cover the latest news, case studies and guidance.  Watch the video on this page and you will see how to subscribe to the  replays of every show.

You can learn about the latest social technologies in my podcast 'Talking Social Business'.

If  you have questions about your social business plan or how to get  started using live video as part of your communications, you can  schedule a meeting with me.

Over the last four years I have deep diving into live video, social video and mobile live streaming. I am considered to be one  of the foremost people in this area across Europe with my expertise being sought on the topic by event organisers, journalists and marketing professionals, and I lead specific workshops and speak at  global conferences on the topic.

If you are not sure how to get started with live streaming here are some ideas to help you get started.


1. Determine your strategic goals including the outcomes you want to see from the live stream

2.  Identify the live stream tools and technology you need including  lighting, access to a good internet or wifi connection and the platform  you plan to use

3. Ensure that you pay attention to the quality  of your audio so consider using a microphone and you may need headphones  to avoid feedback

4. Check you have the rights to include the  people and the content you plan to include in your live stream -  including music rights, image rights and the permission to live stream  in the location you are in

5. Take the time to test in advance of  your live stream especially if you have people joining you as remote  guest who are not familiar with the live stream tool or platform you are  using

If you would like to explore live video and live  streaming in your business, you can schedule a FREE advisory meeting with me here.

Snapchat Description

I'm not going to waste your time on Snapchat - my posts are provide practical advice and insights into digital communications, visual communications and live video.


If you are looking for Snapchat marketing tips see this series of articles and case studies.